Erectile dysfunction is a fact of life, whether it occurs due to an accident, a recent surgery, or simply a natural change due to aging. The accompanying loss of self-esteem is something that affects millions of men every day. The Men’s Clinic is the first clinic in NC or SC to dedicate itself exclusively to erectile dysfunction.
The Men’s Clinic is a new approach to men’s sexual health problems. Our clinic specializes in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotence exclusively. We understand that erectile dysfunction affects every man differently. We have uniquely combined four medically approved ingredients for erectile dysfunction into over 150 different formulations. Our process works where the others fail.
The drug companies have spent millions of dollars advertising their solutions to erectile dysfunction. They want you to believe that one pill fits all, when the truth is their solution fails over 50% of the men who use it. Our approach works immediately for 95% of men who try it.   We are so certain of our process we guarantee it will work on your first visit .

   The Men’s Clinic is located in Charlotte, NC and proudly serves North and South Carolina